What contact numbers do I need?
  • In the event of life or property threatening emergencies, call 911.
  • To report loss of electric or if you smell gas, call ConEd at 800-752-6633 or go to the ConEd website.
  • To report downed trees and power lines, call the New Castle Police Department at 914-238-4422.
  • To report a water emergency, call the Millwood Water Treatment Plant at 914-944-0036, or call them at 914-944-0037.

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1. What contact numbers do I need?
2. How do I receive storm updates?
3. When are the snow plows sent out?
4. Which streets are plowed first?
5. What can I do if snow is blocking access to my mail box or driveway?
6. What if there is a fire hydrant on my property?
7. Is depositing snow upon the town roadway prohibited?
8. How can I prepare before the storm?
9. What should I do during the storm?
10. Is it safe to go outside?
11. When is the Emergency Operations Center activated?