Sustainability Education (Eagle Scout Project)

My name is Teddy Eaton, and I am a Boy Scout in Troop 2-Chappaqua, working towards the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest achievement in the Boy Scouts of America program. The Eagle Scout rank involves years of hard work developing leadership and other skills. The completion of a community service project is one of the final steps. My Eagle project created educational content for the New Castle Sustainability Advisory Board to be shared with town residents. This service project promotes climate change awareness and how individuals can protect the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

Climate Change

This educational video defines climate change and its local, regional, and global environmental impacts. The negative consequences experienced by the human population are analyzed, demonstrating why climate change must be a concern for everyone. View Climate Change Video

Eagle Scout Climate Change Video Thumbnail

Greenhouse Gases

This educational video defines greenhouse gases, the manufactured sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and their negative impact on the Earth’s atmosphere. Understanding the causes and effects of greenhouse gases is a critical step in combating climate change. View Greenhouse Gases Video

Eagle Scout Greenhouse Gasses Video Thumbnail

Sustainability in New Castle

This educational video highlights how the Town of New Castle, New York, and its residents promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly community. New Castle, a certified Climate Smart Community, is a leader in implementing environmental practices and has dedicated advisory boards and task forces to support its efforts. At the same time, the Chappaqua School system pursues sustainable education initiatives at all grade levels. This video also features the much-treasured and volunteer-run Take It Or Leave It Shed (T.I.O.L.I). View Sustainability Video

Eagle Scout Sustainablility Chappaqua Video Thumbnail

Renewable Energy

This educational video discusses the role of renewable energy in combating climate change. Wind and solar energy, two examples of renewable energy sources, are discussed in depth, including how this energy is harnessed and their benefits and drawbacks. View Renewable Energy Video

Eagle Scout Renewable Energy Video Thumbnail


This educational video filmed at the New Castle Recycling Center (NY) talks about the recycling process, the handling of different types of materials, the benefits of recycling to the economy and environment, and how the Recycle Right! tool helps New Castle residents reduce waste. View Recycling Video

Eagle Scout Recycling Video Thumbnail

Water Conservation

This educational video is about water usage and the need for and importance of water conservation. Despite increases in global demand, massive shortages of access to fresh water are predicted by 2050. The video walks through an average person’s day and demonstrates how easily this usage adds up daily and over time.  View Water Conservation Video

Eagle Scout Water Conservation Video Thumbnail