LGBTQ+ Committee


  • Diane Thaler (Chair)
    Term expires: March 13, 2026
  • Elida Cruz
    Term expires: March 13, 2026
  • Sarah Finch
    Term expires: March 13, 2025
  • Georgia Schwartz
    Term expires: March 13, 2025
  • Stella Schwartz
    Term expires: March 13, 2025
  • Jennifer Simon
    Term expires: March 13, 2026

Mission Statement

The mission of the New Castle LGBTQ+ Committee is to create a framework of support and advocacy for community members regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identification. The Committee will work toward providing a safe and welcoming environment that values the importance of diversity, acceptance, and pride both for LGBTQ+ community members and for the community at large. The Committee is dedicated to working with community institutions to foster inclusive environments and having a continued dialogue with the Town Board to communicate the issues facing the community.

In working toward that goal, we will:

  • Affirm the basic principle that all community members have the right to a safe environment.
  • Encourage open discussion that amplifies marginalized voices.
  • Advocate for safe environments for LGBTQ+ youth.
  • Listen to the concerns and challenges of LGBTQ+ community members as well as family members and allies.
  • Stand firmly in support of established protections for LGBTQ+ individuals and families.

The Committee will interface with the community, its institutions, and its Town Board to receive feedback that will aid in meaningful actions and dialogues that further the aim of the Committee to support, respect, and celebrate LGBTQ+ community members in the Town of New Castle.

We will uphold our commitment and continually strive to improve upon it and assess our progress through meaningful interactions, communications, and feedback from our community.


Please email HERE to contact the LGBTQ+ Committee.