Westchester Power


New Castle residents and businesses have reduced greenhouse emissions by 16,700 tons annually!

Westchester Community Choice Aggregation Program

The Westchester Power program allows New Castle’s residents and businesses to pool their electrical demand along with residents and businesses from 26 other Westchester municipalities to negotiate electricity purchases in bulk under long-term contracts, thereby providing 100% renewable electricity at fixed pricing and lower costs compared to other energy service companies (“ESCOs”) and sometimes even compared to variable-priced ConEdison supply.

The success of the Westchester Power CCA continues as it has signed a new contract to provide another 18 months of renewable electricity at competitive pricing through June 2022.

Program Highlights

  • In 2016, New Castle was the first municipality in New York State to select 100% renewable power as its default electricity supply. 
  • The program has over 4,500 customers in New Castle (~ 90% participation rate), almost 99% using the 100% renewable option.
  • The program has reduced CO2 emissions in New Castle by over 16,700 metric tons annually (more than 25% of New Castle’s 2011 Climate Initiative commitment to reduce 60,000 tons per year)

What’s New? 

A new Westchester Power contract began* on January 1, 2021 (*March 1, 2021, for new residents from 2019 or later). Residents were sent letters from Sustainable Westchester and the Town of New Castle between December 2020 to February 2021, describing the choices for participating in the Westchester Power program. Most residents and small businesses will not need to do anything to enroll but should review their options.

More Information

  • Westchester Power held an information session on December 3rd at 7:00 PM.
  • If you have any questions please email the Sustainability Advisory Board.
  • Click here to view a copy of the November 2020 letter mailed out by Westchester Power.
  • Click here to view a copy of the letter from the Town of New Castle and the New Castle Sustainability Advisory Board that will be included in the Town’s December Refuse and Recycling Schedule mailing.
  • Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions prepared by the New Castle Sustainability Advisory Board 
  • Click here to access Westchester Power’s website.