Personnel Complaint

A proper relationship between the Department and the citizens we serve, fostered by trust and confidence, is essential to effective law enforcement efforts.  

The New Castle Police Department (NCPD) complaint process has been developed to ensure this proper relationship provides people with a fair and effective method to address legitimate complaints against Department personnel and to protect officers and employees from false charges of misconduct or wrongdoing.

It is the policy of the NCPD to investigate all complaints made against the Department or its personnel, thoroughly, completely, and impartially. Members of the Department shall encourage citizens to bring forward legitimate grievances regarding inadequate service or misconduct by members of the Department, and those complaints shall be received courteously and be without delay.

Any person desiring to report misconduct or improper job performance by an NCPD employee should contact NCPD. Contact may be by phone, in person, mail, email, or the Office of the Community Advocate/Liaison

If you call or stop at Police Headquarters, you will be directed to the Tour Supervisor or the employee’s direct supervisor. The supervisor will meet with you to initially discuss your complaint. Sometimes issues can be resolved at this point by the supervisor, who may be able to answer your questions and concerns. Should you request a further investigation or the supervisor determines that additional action is warranted, the supervisor will assist you with completing our Personnel Complaint Form. 

You may also complete the Personnel Complaint Form and drop it off at NCPD, mail it to Chief James Carroll, 200 S. Greeley Avenue, Chappaqua, NY 10514 or email it to Chief Carroll at

The written complaint will be forwarded to the Police Chief for review and assignment for investigation.