The Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS):

Prior to adopting the 2017 Comprehensive Plan, an extensive public engagement process was carried out in the Town of New Castle. Public opinions regarding the future of the Chappaqua Hamlet and the Town of New Castle were used in drafting of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. The rezoning of the Chappaqua Hamlet enlisted the sentiments of the Public Engagement Report and the goals of the Comprehensive Plan, into careful consideration while developing the Form-Based Code.

The Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS), studies the environmental impacts of rezoning actions in the Chappaqua Hamlet. The GEIS complies with all applicable requirements that assess the potentially significant environmental impacts of the plan. The GEIS studies existing land within the study area located in the southwest corner of the Town of New Castle, to reflect the new proposed form-based code. The new proposition includes recent streetscape and infrastructure improvements as well as development projects under construction, provided by the Town Development Department.