How to Give Back and Help Others

Blood Donations:

If you are healthy and feeling well, please consider making an appointment to donate blood by using the Red Cross Blood Donor App, visiting or calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767). In particular, the State is requesting donations from COVID19 Positive Blood Donors:

Enlist as a Volunteer with NYS!

 Governor Cuomo is calling on health care professionals, schools of public health or medicine and PPE products providers and manufacturers to come forward to support the state’s response. More information is available here.

Enlist as a Volunteer with Westchester County! – for people who want to donate or volunteer in any capacity.

Donate N95 Masks for local healthcare workers

We have all seen the news and heard first-hand reports from health care workers who lack the critical personal protective equipment (PPE) that is necessary to perform their jobs and keep themselves and their families safe from the spread of COVID-19. Two local moms -- both of whom are brilliant doctors working in the field in these difficult conditions -- reached out to me yesterday about the shortage of N95 respirator masks in local medical centers and hospitals and the prevalence of these same lifesaving devices being worn by residents at our local grocery stores and other places.

Residents we need your help!! If you have any N95 masks, and do not work in a front-line capacity, please DONATE your masks. There is a donation bin located inside the New Castle Police Department at Town Hall, and I want to say a special thanks to Chief Jim Carroll and the NCPD for their willingness to collect these masks.

Another collection option is to contact the Westchester County Emergency Operations Center to arrange a pick up:

New Castle Volunteer Match

We are fortunate to live in a generous and big-hearted community, with many talented and capable residents who are ready and willing to lend a hand to neighbors in need. Currently, the Town of New Castle has sufficient resources and volunteers to meet the needs of our existing programs. However, during this time of crisis, we recognize that there are needs that exist beyond the scope of the programs and services offered by the Town.

This Facebook group New Castle Volunteer Match was created to facilitate matches between people with special skills, time, resources, etc., and community members that are looking for help. For example, a local small business may need help setting up an e-commerce site, and a local resident may be an expert in that field. A local senior may need a gallon of milk from the grocery store, and a local family could pick that up during their supermarket run. The possibilities are endless.

We suggest starting your post with “I NEED…” or “I CAN PROVIDE…”

Please note, that this page is provided as a public service. The Town cannot guarantee that the needs identified here will be met, nor can we guarantee the quality of the services provided. Please remember to maintain social distancing when interacting in person, e.g., delivering groceries. To sign up for Town-provided social services, such as Meals on Wheels, please contact Senior Social Worker Bess Steiger at 238-2093. If you require immediate assistance please call the New Castle Police Department at 238-4422; or in case of an emergency dial 911.

Go Fund Me: Meals for Health Care Workers

A Go Fund Me was started by residents on March 24th in an effort to provide food and comfort to the front line workers in our hospitals. The response has been overwhelming both in money raised - over $80,000 – and the requests for meals. But the fight is not yet over. With the death toll climbing in Westchester County, our hospitals are facing devastating challenges. We can keep pace with the demand for the very short term but we will not be able to fund meals through the end of the month when the need may be most critical. Please continue to support those who are putting their lives at risk every time they go to work.

To date……over 1,600 meals have been delivered to the Health Care Heroes and Support Staff of: Northern Westchester Hospital, Phelps Hospital, Westchester Medical Center, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, White Plains Hospital, Montefiore Hospital, Mount Kisco Ambulance, Chappaqua Volunteer Ambulance Corp., Westchester EMS, Open Door

In the next two weeks, we will be delivering 1,320 meals to all facilities at the Westchester Medical Campus. By mid-April, we will have delivered well over THREE THOUSAND meals!

Please donate so we can continue feeding our front line workers: