Food Scrap Recycling Program

The Food Scrap Recovery Program removes heavy food waste out of the garbage collection and can also supplement home composting. When recovered and composted, food scraps are turned into a soil supplement used by farmers to grow new healthy crops without synthetic fertilizers. New Castle residents have already diverted more than 120,000 pounds of waste by participating in the town program.

Participation is easy. Purchase a kit from the town that includes a Kitchen Waste container, a locking Transportation container and rolls of compostable liners for each. Collect food scraps, ALL OF THEM, not just fruits and veggies, in the Kitchen Waste container. When it’s full, put that liner in the Transportation container. When that’s full, bring it to the Recycling Center on Joan Corwin Way (formerly Hunts Lane).

Get a $35 Starter Kit

  • Pick one up at the New Castle Recycling Center, 210 Joan CorwinWay (formerly Hunts Lane).
  • Email Composting with any questions.

Each Starter Kit includes

  • Kitchen Waste container
  • 25 small compostable liners
  • Locking Transportation container
  • 25 large compostable liners

Additional Program Information