Community Preparedness Committee


  • Suzanne Kavic, Chair
  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Bjorn Christian Edstrom
  • James P. McCauley, Jr.
  • Nancy Stein
  • Rick Stein

Mission Statement

There are many emergencies that can impact the Town of New Castle, such as severe weather, power outages, and flooding, and although these emergencies cannot be eliminated. The Town Board believes that individual and community preparedness can reduce the risk of injuries, property damage, and economic loss. The Town Board believes that there is a need for a Community Preparedness Committee to serve as an informational resource and pursue other initiatives to raise the level of emergency preparedness in our community. The Town Board establishes the Community Preparedness Committee.

Scope of Work

The scope of the Committee’s efforts shall include exploring the following initiatives:

  • Making recommendations to the Town Board on matters pertaining to the Town’s emergency preparedness and coordination with neighboring jurisdictions, and with County, State and Federal agencies
  • Educating residents on preparing their households for emergencies
  • Creating citizen training programs for resident volunteers and Committee members
  • Forming volunteer neighborhood emergency teams that would assist the Town in carrying out emergency activities when called upon
  • Preparing an Animal Emergency Preparedness Plan to address the evacuation, care and shelter of our animals during an emergency situation by ensuring the effective evacuation and care of pets in the Town
  • Applying for grants to assist the Town in improving its emergency preparedness

Establishment & Terms of Office

The Community Preparedness Committee was established in 2016. The term of office is 1 year.

For More Information

For more information, please email the Community Preparedness Committee.

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