History Highlights


Timeline highlights include:

  • 1609 Henry Hudson explores the Hudson River
  • 1696 Caleb Heathcote purchases a large tract of land including what is now New Castle from Wampus and other Native American sachems
  • 1730 Quakers begin settling in the northern and western parts of North Castle, which will become New Castle.
  • 1753-4 Quakers build meetinghouse on Quaker Road
  • 1776 Following the Battle of White Plains, the Quaker meetinghouse is used as a hospital for wounded soldiers of Washington's army
  • 1791 New Castle is divided from North Castle and becomes a separate town
  • 1846 The New York and Harlem Railroad, later the Harlem Division of the New York Central Railroad, reaches Chappaqua
  • 1853 Horace Greeley begins buying property in what is now downtown Chappaqua
  • 1872 Horace Greeley runs for president against incumbent Ulysses S Grant
  • 1881 The New York and Northern Railroad, later the Putnam Division of the New York Central Railroad, reaches Merritt's Corners, now Millwood
  • 1902 Opening of the present Chappaqua railroad station, on property donated by Horace Greeley's daughter, Gabrielle Greeley Clendenin
  • 1904 A tornado sweeps across Quaker Road between the Sutton Reynolds house south of Gray Rock Lane and the Dodge house north of Marcourt Drive
  • 1912 The first central water system is installed in Chappaqua
  • 1914 Dedication of the Horace Greeley memorial statue
  • 1918 Dedication of Liberty Ship USS Chappaqua
  • 1929 Opening of the Horace Greeley School, now the Robert E Bell Middle School
  • 1930 Celebration of the Chappaqua bicentennial. Opening of the railroad bridge
  • 1934 The Saw Mill River Parkway reaches Chappaqua
  • 1939 The Reader's Digest moves its headquarters to Chappaqua
  • 1957 Opening of the present Horace Greeley High School
  • 1958 Service ends on the Putnam Division of the New York Central Railroad
  • 1966 Founding of the New Castle Historical Society
  • 1999 President Bill Clinton and future Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton make their home in Chappaqua
  • 2000 Opening of the restored Horace Greeley House