Dog License Application

Every dog in New York State which is more than 4 months old must be licensed. Residents may fill out a Dog License Application (PDF), attach the required certificates and fees and either bring in or mail the application to the Town Clerk in New Castle Town Hall. 

The state fee is reduced if the dog is spayed or neutered. Current rabies vaccination information is kept on file for each dog and must be included in any license renewal. 

Dog Control Law

The Dog Control Law requires that any dog not on its owner’s property be under the visual and voice supervision of a responsible person. Dogs in violation of the code may be picked up by the Dog Control Officer. The law stipulates that owners pay both a redemption fee and a fine for violating the code. If you have received a notice of renewal from the animal control officer, return notice to Town Clerk’s Office with rabies certificate (if necessary) and appropriate payment.

Instructions for Dog License Applications

  • A current rabies certificate is required (obtained from your veterinarian).
  • Spayed/neutered certificate is required if you are planning to neuter your dog.
  • Fee is $15 for spayed/neutered dog.
  • Fee is $25 for un-spayed/un-neutered dog.
  • Fee for senior owners (65 years or older with a photocopy of drivers license): 
    • $1 for spayed/neutered
    • $3 for unspayed or un-neutered
  • Make check payable to: New Castle Town Clerk.
  • Mail to:
    New Castle Town Clerk
    200 South Greeley Avenue
    Chappaqua, NY 10514