Justice Court

Services of the Justice Court

Welcome to Town of New Castle Justice Court. The Justice Court handles the legal issues within the town. The able staff of the Justice Court is here to assist and support you while you work your way through both criminal (violations and misdemeanors) and civil (small claims) cases. 

The Court also handles traffic violations, environmental conservation violations and violations of the Town Code. Whether you are dealing with a summons or a speeding ticket, the Justice Court and its capable staff are here to guide you through the process. Those who work at the Justice Court are privy to a plethora of information that they will always be happy to take the time to provide. For people who do not speak English, an interpreter will be provided in court each week. 

Vehicle & Traffic Infractions 

Traffic Infractions (non-criminal) may be answered by mail. Please enter your plea in the appropriate box on the summons and mail it to Court by the date on the summons. If you are pleading guilty, you will be sent a Fine letter.

Fines may be paid by cash, money order, certified check, or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We do not accept American Express. Fines may also be paid online through the New York State Court ePayments website, or by calling 1888-912-1541. 

If you are pleading not guilty, you will receive a notice with your trial date. You must speak to a Court Clerk if you are requesting an adjournment. Please call 914-238-7264 or 914-238-4726. 

Parking Tickets 

If you wish to contest a parking ticket, you must appear before the Court on the date indicated on the front of the ticket at 7:30 p.m. 

To pay a parking ticket online, go to Parking Ticket Assist.

Small Claim / Civil Actions 

Small Claim/Civil Actions are heard on the first and third Wednesday of each month. If your claim is in the sum of $3,000. or less and the defendant resides in, has a place of business in, or is employed within the municipal limits of the Town of New Castle, you may use the Application for Small Claims and Civil Actions (PDF).


Fee TypeFee
Filing fee to the Court (for claims up to and including $1,000.) $10
Filing fee to the Court (for claims over $1,000 up to and including $3,000.)$15
Civil Court filing fee$20

Required Materials

It is the responsibility of the plaintiff to prepare the paperwork and have it served. Fees are payable at the time of filing. If your claim is settled prior to the hearing date, both parties must notify the Court, in writing. 

If your claim proceeds, you must be prepared at the time of the hearing to prove your claim. This mandates that all evidence and witnesses must be present as scheduled. No adjournments are granted unless both parties consent in writing. 

Small Claims/Civil Cases may be filed between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please note that although you may download small claims/civil filing forms, the claim must be filed with the court in person. You may not file by mail. 

Certificate of Disposition 

A Certificate of Disposition is an official court document affixed with the Court Seal that indicates the disposition of the case. Will be provided at the cost of $5 for each original copy. 

Information on Speaking to a District Attorney 

The Justice Court is not allowed to give out the phone number of the District Attorney. Only your lawyer can speak to the District Attorney and he/she will already have the number. 

Notice of Appeal 

Call the Town Justice Department at 914-238-4726 for instructions of filing a Notice of Appeal.