Forms & Information

The forms and informational materials shown are listed in alphabetical order.
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Merchant Parking Permit Holders

Owner/Managers are Responsible to Submit:

  • Index Card: Please pick up an index card in the Town Clerk's office listing business name, business address, business phone number, and all the names of all employees eligible for parking permits.
  • Payroll Information: Each business is eligible for seven (7) parking permits. If a business has over seven employees, payroll certification must be submitted to receive up to ten (10) parking permits. Please note you may only apply for two (2) guest passes.
  • Drivers' License: Owners/Managers must submit their drivers' license, even if they don't apply for their own parking permit.

Employees are Responsible to Submit:

  • Application: 2015-2016 Merchant Parking Permit Application. This application must be signed by the employee and owner/manager.
  • Registrations: Parking permit holders must submit their current registrations for up to two cars.