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The Planning Board is responsible for the review and approval of all applications concerning site plans, subdivisions and lot line changes; some applications concerning special use permits, wetlands permits, and tree removal permits; and the environmental review of those applications over which it has jurisdiction. The Planning Board may also have an advisory role in connection with some applications before the Town Board, such as those involving other categories of special use permits and zoning amendments.

The Planning Board is composed of five volunteer members – all residents of New Castle – who are appointed by the Town Board for five-year terms. As part of the review of some applications, the Planning Board is assisted on an as-needed basis by other boards of the Town, such as the Conservation Board, the Environmental Review Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Architectural Review Board. As part of the review of most applications, the Planning Board is also assisted by the Town Planner, the Town Engineer, Planning Board Counsel, and other special consultants when required.

Current Planning Board:

Board Members

Board Member

5 Year term expires

Robert Kirkwood, Chairman


Richard Brownell, P.E


Sheila Crespi


Thomas Curley


Michael Z. Allen


Planning Board meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, except as noted, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are held at the New Castle Town Hall Assembly Room.

Prior to submitting an application to the Planning Board for review and approval, all prospective applicants must attend a Pre-Application Meeting. These meetings are intended as a consultation that will assist the applicant and improve the efficiency of the application review process. No application to the Planning Board will be considered without attending this meeting. Pre-application meetings are held the first and third Thursdays of each month. Prospective applicants should contact the Planning Board Secretary to make an appointment. Please also see Guidelines to PB Applicants for more information about Pre-Application meetings.

After attending the Pre-Application meeting, an application can be submitted to the Planning Board Secretary. The deadline for application materials to be submitted is 1:00 p.m. Mondays, 21 days prior to the date of the meeting at which the application will be heard. If this deadline is not met, the application will be automatically removed from the agenda on which it was scheduled to be heard.

Members of the public who wish comment on a pending application may attend a public hearing on the application or submit written comments to the Planning Board Secretary in advance of the meeting at which the application will be heard.

Please note that Planning Board meeting agendas are established at the discretion of the Planning Board Chair and Town Planner. Generally, agenda items are limited to 7 to 8 applications.

New Castle Planning Board meetings can be viewed on live and rebroadcast on Cablevision channel 78 and Verizon Fios channel 47, as well as on Livestream.


Planning Department

New Castle’s planning policies are implemented at three levels:

  • The Town Board approves the laws establishing planning policy.
  • The Planning Board assists in the formulation of and carrying out policy.
  • The Zoning Board of Appeals which has the authority to grant variances from the Zoning Ordinance.

The Planning Board is a subdivision of the Development Department. The Planning Division provides technical support to the Planning Board, including review of subdivisions, site plans and lot line adjustments.  The Planning Board is responsible for approval of all subdivisions and site plans throughout the Town.

 The Planning Division also provides support to the Town Board in carrying out longer term planning exercises. This includes area studies and improvement projects that improve and beautify the Town, and advance the goals of the pdfTown Development Plan. The Planning Division also supports the Town Board in developing strategies to improve the planning process, advance the Town’s sustainability goals, and develop alternative housing opportunities.

The Planning Division is staffed with a full-time Town Planner and one full-time Planning Board Secretary.

Town Planner Sabrina Charney Hull advises the Town with respect to the physical development of the Town of New Castle and is responsible for the oversight and coordination of all administrative details of the municipal planning operation and performs planning studies related to the Town Development Plan.

Planning Board Secretary Janice Friend is responsible for the transcription of Planning Board meeting minutes, filing official Resolutions of Approval with the Town Clerk, and maintaining records and files in the Development Department.

Information for Applicants

Prior to submitting an application, a Pre-Application Meeting with the Town Planner is required. Please see Guidelines to PB Applicants. Please note that NO application to the Planning Board will be accepted from a prospective applicant without prior attendance at a Pre-Application Meeting.

Following the Pre-Application Meeting, the prospective applicant may submit a full application package and request an appearance before the Planning Board. All required application materials shall be submitted not later than 1:00 p.m. Monday, 21 days prior to the date of the Planning Board meeting at which the application is scheduled to be heard or as otherwise noted by the Planning Board Secretary. If all required application materials, including the pertinent application fee and escrow, are not submitted by the appropriate deadline the application shall be automatically removed from the agenda.

At the discretion of the Planning Board Chairman, the application may be rescheduled, if appropriate, for the next available Planning Board meeting or the application may be removed from future agendas altogether.  Without prior authorization from the Planning Board, application submissions shall not be accepted at Planning Board meetings.

  • At the time of submission, all required application materials shall be submitted. Piecemeal submissions shall not be accepted. Substitution of previously submitted materials shall not be permitted.
  • All submissions shall be dated, with revision dates identified on new submissions.
  • All submissions shall be accompanied by a cover letter describing the project and/or any changes as compared to previous submissions.
  • For distribution purposes and mailing to the Planning Board members and others (as required), multiple copies of application materials shall be collated into separate sets, each containing one copy of every submitted document. 
  • For purposes of completing the application forms, all responses provided shall be printed, except as otherwise specific.


Please see the attached Fee Schedule for information about application fees. Please note that all applicants submitting an application for Planning Board review will also be required to reimburse the Town for the cost of professional review services, including town planning, legal and engineering services, incurred in connection with the review of your application. 

pdfFee Schedule