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  1. What will Volunteers Do?

    The Master Plan Steering Committee is seeking volunteers to work on one of the 5 Master Plan Update Work Groups. The Work Groups will consist of between 5 and 7 individuals who will be brought together on a bi-weekly basis to discuss the work group topic related to the Town’s master plan update. Work Groups are scheduled to begin meeting the week of October 21, 2013 and conclude their analysis by January 21, 2014. The intent of the work groups will be to conduct a SWOT analysis (identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for each of the work group topics utilizing the development policies as found within the 1989 Town Development Plan. This analysis will lead to the formation of goals and objectives pertaining to the work group topic areas. This information will be utilized by the Master Plan Steering Committee who will utilize the information in pulling together the Master Plan Update.

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  9. About the Project

    The current Town Development Plan was updated in 1989, utilizing data prepared in 1984. Since the current Development Plan was adopted, various studies such as the Adopted Area Design Plans (1993/1999), the Hamlet of Chappaqua Comprehensive Plan (2003), the Report on Residential FAR Recommendations (2004), the Downtown Chappaqua Placemaking Strategy for Revitalization (2007) and the New Castle Recreation & Parks Master Plan (2007) have been developed. We have a newly formed Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce, a very active Millwood Taskforce, and a Downtown Chappaqua Hamlet Committee. In addition, the Town Board is consistently being approached to undertake legislative changes to meet the needs of affordable housing, redevelop large lot properties and the like. The need to synthesize the various studies, stakeholder groups and examine planning in our community through a development plan update is evident.

    The New Castle Master Plan update is a process within which an updated set of guidelines on which to base New Castle’s future development will be created. These guidelines will relate to present conditions and the anticipated nature of future development pressures, given consideration to pertinent changes in land use, the environment, demography, fiscal conditions and legislation that have been underway since the 1989 Town Development Plan Update.

    The Master Plan Steering Committee has identified 5 Work Group topics to further the Master Plan Update.