Town of New Castle Administrator's Report 7/11/14

administrators report-04The NYS DOT has begun night time paving and milling on Route 117- the project extends from Mount Kisco- Rte 128- through to Mount Pleasant at 141.

Our paving (hot mix asphalt overlay) program began yesterday morning and I am happy to report we are on schedule. We have completed Algonquin, Seneca, Paulding, the Brook Lane "cul-de-sac" Chatham.

Tomorrow we will begin Campfire Road at its intersection with Hardscrabble and continue all of the way out to Route 100. There will be significant delays associated with the repaving of Campfire Road that will continue through Monday. Residents should use Route 120 as an alternate route. We apologize for any inconvenience this important public works project causes.

After Campfire Road is complete, our repaving will shift back to Chappaqua Hamlet. If Con Ed's gas main replacement work on Smith Street is completed by Tuesday, we will pave Smith Street first; if not we will pave Hamilton Road. Because of the heavy rain storms the end of last week, on Thursday, DPW staff was on site for emergency road repairs to washed out shoulders and ruts on Paulding, Seneca and Campfire Road. These roads had just had reclamation work done-and they sustained damage from the rain because they had not yet been repaved. Repair work continued on Saturday.

DPW crews removed a downed trees at Mill Street by the Greeley Statute, Roaring Brook Road and Whippoorwill Lake Road.

DPW crews also cleared catch basins on North Greeley, and Chappaqua Mountain Road to help the high water levels subside.

The Police station also experienced some electrical problems which our in-house electrician was able to repair.

This past weekend was a clear demonstration of an excellent coordinated team effort brought about by the key players and a very hard working staff.

I want to thank the DPW staff for their tireless efforts, a special thank you to Gerry Moerschell, Bart Carey, Charlie Bergstrom, Dan Rubino, Walter Quast and John Maduras - - once again they have gone above and beyond the call of duty.