Welcome to the Town of New Castle!

Welcome to the Town of New Castle Web site. Whether you are one of our many long-time residents, have just moved in or you are visiting the Town, there is something for everyone in the hamlets of Chappaqua and Millwood.

From our beautiful parks (Gedney was voted best in Westchester in 2008) to historic landmarks (Horace Greeley’s house awaits you!) and our welcoming merchants, we are sure you will want to stay awhile and return often.

Horace Greeley

horace.pngHorace Greeley, founder of the New York Tribune, was America's foremost newspaper editor, author of several books, and a highly popular public lecturer. He ran unsuccessfully for president against incumbent Ulysses S. Grant in 1872, and died within a month of the election. Greeley began assembling his 78-acre farm in 1853. It occupied much of what is now central Chappaqua, including the Horace Greeley House, the Robert E. Bell Middle School, the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, the Chappaqua Library, and the Chappaqua railroad station.

Top Five Historical Places to Visit in New Castle

  • Horace Greeley House, 100 King Street
  • Chappaqua Friends Meeting House, 420 Quaker Street
  • Chappaqua Railroad Station and Plaza Train station.png
  • Church of St. Mary the Virgin, South Greeley Avenue
  • Horace Greeley Statue, Mill River Road

Other New Castle Landmarks

  • Rehoboth, 33 Aldridge Road
  • Reynolds-Carpenter house, 332 Quaker Road
  • Sutton Reynolds house, 354 Quaker Road
  • Thorn-Dodge house, 386 Quaker Road
  • Samuel Allen currying shop, 400 Quaker Road
  • Samuel Allen barn, 401 Quaker Road
  • Samuel Allen house, 405 Quaker Road
  • Samuel Allen tenant house, 407 Quaker Road
  • Friends Meeting House, 420 Quaker Road
  • Thomas Dodge house, 428 Quaker Road
  • Stony Hollow Farm, 478 Quaker Road
  • George Carpenter house, 335 Roaring Brook Road
  • Croton Valley Friends Meeting House, 210 Lake Road
  • Dickinson-Conklin house, 275 Quaker Road
  • Horace Greeley statue, Mill River Road
  • Greeley Woods, Morton Place
  • Charles Griffith house, 83 Kipp Street
  • Reuben and Moses Haight house, 350 Bedford Road
  • Hutin homestead, 59 Highland Avenue
  • Kittle House, 11 Kittle Road Enos
  • Marshall house, 127 Old Roaring Brook Road
  • Tall Timbers, 236 Bedford Road
  • Joshua Washburn house, 316 South Bedford Road
  • Williams-DuBois house, 35 Pinesbridge Road*
  • Isaac Young house, 114 Pinesbridge Road*
  • Shingle House, 1 Shinglehouse Road

Greeley House.png