a Personalized Styling Service Dedicated to Helping Women Create Effortlessly Chic Wardrobes

Tired of staring into a closet full of clothes and thinking you have nothing to wear? Getting dressed just got a whole lot easier. StyleCycle, a personalized styling service founded by Chappaqua Residents Susan Goodman and Lisa Ballou is dedicated to helping women create an effortlessly chic wardrobe by editing and restyling what’s already in their closet.

“Wardrobes have years of fashion trends in them that make it challenging to integrate fresh looks. Our focus is to help maximize a clients’ existing wardrobe by creating new outfits from the clothes they already own, and help them identify and shop for new items to fit their wardrobe, personal look and image they want to project,” explained Lisa and Susan.

Based on the premise that fashion is general and style is personal, it is StyleCycle’s mission to help clients hone their own personal look, make dressing easy and add a bit of glamour and fun into their day.

“Years of dressing ourselves, our family and our friends, combined with an organized sensibility and a love for good design inspired the creation of StyleCycle,” they explained. "StyleCycle has developed a 4-pronged approach that is guaranteed to make you feel more organized, and confident about what’s in your closet."

Here’s how it works: Cleaning out your closet is the first step to creating a streamlined, fabulous wardrobe. StyleCycle will help you tackle the job and even take your unwanted items to consignment. You get the cash!

Next, we re-style what’s in your closet by remixing what you already own. We’ll show you how to wear clothes and accessories in a stylish new way that reflects you only you turned up a notch. Not only do we help you put all of the pieces together, but also leave you with a personal look book filled with pages of photos of you in the outfits we create together. We guarantee getting dressed will actually be fun!

And finally – re-vive your wardrobe with just a few key new essentials: We will teach you how to shop smart by giving you some great resources or we can do the shopping for you.

“I haven't had such an enjoyable day in a long time. I feel lighter, more fashionable and excited to...imagine this...get dressed!” said client Amy Cucchiara.”

Whether you need help dressing for everyday or travel; styling for a special occasion; or creating a complete work wardrobe, StyleCycle can help.


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