Amadeus Conservatory of Music & Theater

The most important aspects of music education are instilling the love of learning in beginning students and inspiring advanced students.

Teachers at Amadeus -- with classes for all ages at 201 King Street -- know first-hand the joy of learning and mastering an instrument. Professional musicians with degrees from top conservatories such as Juilliard and Curtis have extensive teaching experience and they enjoy passing on that passion.

Amadeus offers a wide range of private lessons in all orchestral and band instruments plus voice, piano, electric guitar and drums. Preschoolers learn violin, cello and guitar using the Suzuki method, or join group classes to play xylophone, recorder, ukelele, violin and bongo drums.
Children not yet sure which instrument they prefer have a great time in Mr. B.'s classes, singing and dancing while he plays classics such as Beethoven's 5th Symphony on synthesizer!

Musical theater classes and summer theater and arts camp featuring Broadway classics are offered, and parents can sign up for free mini-lessons.

Contact Amadeus or go online to learn more about the conservatory, its mission, teaching professionals and extensive course selection at


  • Street: 201 King Street
  • City: Chappaqua
  • State: NY
  • Postcode: 10514


  • Telephone: 914-238-0388
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.