FAQ Comptroller's Office

To whom should the water bill be made out?

Please make check payable to: New Castle-Stanwood Water District

What is the remittance address for water bills?

The remittance address for water bills is:
New Castle Stanwood Water District 
PO Box 27744 
Newark, NJ 07101-7744.

How can I pay my water bill?

There are various  ways you can pay your water bill:

By U.S. Mail, using the remittance address.

By Direct Debit from you bank. See the FORMS section of this page for the application. Please allow one complete billing cycle for processing of your application.

By online payment. See the LINKS section of this page to complete your payment online. Online payments are administered by an outside service, and require a small fee to use this service.

Who do I contact about questions about my water bill?

Patti Mingione at (914) 238-4721

What should I do if I think there is a mistake in my water bill?

Answer: Pay the entire bill as received, and then take up the issue with the Town. If you are correct, the Town will reimburse you, or credit your account toward payment of the next bill. All water meters are read quarterly, and payment for water used is due within 30 days of receipt of that bill. Residents can make arrangements to have their water bills paid automatically from their bank accounts by calling the Comptroller’s Office at 238-7277. For information about water readings, see the Department of Public Works section on this site.

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