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Resident Parking Permit Holders

***Only individuals who submitted the online registration return receipt to the Town Clerk's office by April 17th are eligible to renew online.  Please note there is a 2% credit card fee. ***


ONLY Resident Parking Permits holders may renew online, Metered Permits cannot be renewed online.


  • Application: 2015-2016 Resident Parking Permit Application
  • Documentation: Current drivers' license and registrations for up to four cars. All documents must reflect your New Castle address.
  • Payment: Check made payable to "New Castle Town Clerk." Credit cards are only accepted in the Town Clerk's office, not over the phone. Please note there is a 2% credit card fee.
  • Due Date: Applications Submitted after May 29th will be considered late, and may not be processed by June 15th.