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File a New Castle Police Report Online


File a Non-Emergency Police Report Online 

PolicE-Report is an easy and convenient way for New Castle residents to file a police report from home, work, or anywhere with internet access. You can use the system to file certain non-emergency reports for incidents that occurred in the Town of New Castle.

Information you will be asked for to complete the Online Report

  • The name,address, phone number and email address of the person making the report
  • The location in New Castle where the incident occurred
  • The date and time that the incident occurred
  • Details about the incident and any information you think we should know
  • Description and estimated value of any property that was lost, damaged or stolen

Once you file the Report

  • You will receive a tracking number. This is not the official report number. The official report number will be emailed to you when the report is approved.
  • You will be given the option to print your report
  • Within the next 8 hours your report will be reviewed by a supervisor
  • If necessary you will be contacted by the officer conducting the investigation

There are three steps to filing the report:

1. Qualification: Make sure that Online reporting is appropriate in this instance
2. Type of Report
: Online reports are available for certain non-emergency incidents. Choose from a list of complaints that can currently be filed Online.
3. File the Report
: Complete the form and send your report.


Online reports should never be used to report an emergency, a crime in progress, if someone is being hurt or threatened or any type of injury.
If you have an emergency call 911.



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      Send Anonymous Tip to New Castle Police
      The New Castle Police Department has launched tip411, an internet based tool that enables the public to text message an anonymous tip to police.

      File a Report Online
      Online reporting is an easy and convenient way for New Castle residents to file a police report from home, work, or anywhere with internet access. You can use the system to file certain non-emergency reports for incidents that occurred in the Town of New Castle. 

      Public Information
      Public Information is an external site maintained by the New Castle Police Department. Visit the site to read current press releases, monthly blotter summaries, crash report statistics, case, arrest and community policing data.

      Take the NCPD Satisfaction Survey
      If you have had recent experience with the New Castle Police Department we would like to hear from you. Please take a minute to complete the satisfaction survey.

      Online Accident Report Retrieval
      Docview is a web based system developed to help police agencies and insurance companies manage and access traffic accident reports online. There is a $6.25 fee to obtain a copy. Citizens who do not want to pay the convenience fee can still come to the police station and pay the normal 25 cents per page for a copy of the report.


      A messaging technology (called NIXLE) is being used in Jefferson County to send local alerts and advisories directly to subscribers.  A text-enabled cell phone or mobile device is all you need to receive ALERTS and ADVISORIES notices.  There is no charge for this service (the normal text message fees that your phone service may charge may apply).



      Mission Statement

      The mission of the New Castle Police Department is to serve all people in our jurisdiction with fairness and compassion. We are committed to the prevention of crime and the protection of life and property, the preservation of peace, order and safety, the enforcement of laws and ordinances, and the safeguarding of Constitutional guarantees.

      Our Actions
      With customer service as our foundation we are driven by goals to enhance the quality of life by investigating problems and incidents, seeking solutions and fostering a sense of security in the Town of New Castle. 

      We recognize our employees as our most valuable asset. We strive for an organizational climate that values fairness, mutual respect, professional development and open channels of communication.

      Our Commitment
      All members of the New Castle Police Department will nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics. Each member accepts the responsibility for the achievement of our mission and is committed to the concepts of community partnership, problem solving and quality service.


      Police Frequently Asked Questions

      Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive.  If you don't find an answer here, don't hesitate to call the New Castle Police Department on our business line 238-4422.



      Please check these FAQ's to see if you can find the answer to your question. If not please contact the Alarm Coordinator at 238-7293. You can also email you question to the Alarm Coordinator

      I registered my alarm in 2010. Do I need to pay again?

      No. If you registered your alarm and paid the $50 fee in 2010 your permit will not expire until December 31 2012. We would appreciate it if would send a note to the alarm coordinator to let us know you received the mailing and the information we have on file is current.


      Will I still be billed for false alarm calls?


      Yes. The fee schedule for false alarms has not changed. The fee schedules is for false alarms in a calendar year.

      First false burglar alarm No charge
      Second false burglar alarm $50.00
      Third false burglar alarm $100.00
      Fourth false burglar alarm $150.00
      Fifth and each subsequent false burglar alarm $200.00
      First false fire alarm $25.00
      Second false fire alarm $50.00
      Third false burglar alarm $100.00
      Fourth false fire alarm $250.00
      Fifth and each subsequent false fire alarm $500.00

      The application asks for a permit #. I don't know my permit number.

      You do not need to enter a permit number on the application. New permit numbers will be associated with your alarm when the application is processed.


      Will the police respond to my alarm if I do not have a permit?


      Yes. Registering an alarm is mandatory but your safety and security is our first priority. Police will respond if notified of an activated alarm. However if we respond to an alarm that is not registered you may be subject to a fine up to $500 in addition to the registration fee.


      My home is not in New Castle. Why do I need to register my alarm here?


      Some homes are located in jurisdictions other than New Castle but are in Chappaqua Fire and Millwood Fire Districts. It is necessary for homes in the Chappaqua and Millwood Fire Districts to register their fire alarm with the New Castle Police.


      New Castle Town Code Section 38-3.B


      No person owning, using or operating an alarm device at premises within or outside of the Town of New Castle shall cause or suffer such device to be actively connected to an alarm-monitoring facility, including Police Headquarters, unless such device is registered with the alarm administrator in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and an alarm device registration permit issued pursuant to this chapter is in effect for such device. For purposes of this chapter, an alarm device shall be deemed to be actively connected to an alarm-monitoring facility if the Police Department, Chappaqua Fire Company or Millwood Fire Company is expected to respond to an activation of the device as a result of a signal, information or notice transmitted or communicated to an alarm-monitoring facility from the device or from a central station or other intermediary acting pursuant to arrangements made by the owner or user of the device.

      Where can I get a copy of the alarm law?

      The entire Town Code is available Online. Chapter 38 covers Alarm Systems.

      I do not have an alarm system. Why did I get a registration letter?


      Most likely the previous property owner had an alarm system registered. If the system is no longer active you do not need to register. We request that you send the registration letter back to us with a notation advising us that the system in no longer in us. Once we receive the notice we will mark the registration as inactive. Please return the registration by mail, fax (238-2538), or drop it off at the police station.


      Who needs to register an alarm?


      Anyone with a burglar or fire alarm system designed to signal the occurrence of an illegal or unauthorized entry, fire or other activity where the New Castle Police, Chappaqua or Millwood Fire Department is expected to respond. Alarms installed in motor vehicles or alarms designed specifically to elicit a medical response do not need to be registered.


      What is the fee to register an alarm?


      The alarm registration cost's $50 and is valid for 2 years.


      Why was this change necessary?


      Prior to June 2010 alarm registrations never expired. The number of permits on file grew to more than 3,000. We are responding to alarm activations where the homeowner and contact information are no longer valid. Having current information is necessary for the safe and efficient response to activated alarms.As of December 1 the New Castle Police have responded to more than 1,100 alarm activations in 2010. Even though the overwhelming number of alarm calls are false, police must give them a high priority status. Having permits that expire every two years will allow the police department to maintain up-to-date owner contact information to more quickly resolve alarm calls, and remain available for response to other critical emergencies.


      What are the changes regarding alarm registrations?


      In June of 2010 the New Castle Town Code Section 38 was changed. Prior to this change residents and businesses only needed to register their alarm system one time. Alarm system registrations now have to be renewed every two years.