File a Theft From a Vehicle Report

pdreportlogoUse the "Theft From a Vehicle" type when...
Property has been stolen from your vehicle while the vehicle was parked in New Castle. If the car was damaged during the theft you should still use this report type.

For example...
Your GPS was stolen from your car while it was parked unlocked in your driveway
One of your car windows was smashed and your ipod was stolen from inside the vehicle

Don't use PolicE-Report if ...

  • The incident just occurred and there is a chance the responsible persons are nearby
  • You or a witness have information about a suspect (a name, license plate number or even just a physical description). When there are suspects involved, please contact the police desk at 238-4422 to report the incident by phone.

When filing the report...

Description Field: Include the last time you saw the property and when you discovered it had been stolen.
Property Field: Describe each item stolen with an approximate value. Describe any property that was damaged.



The next page is the report form. The form will open in a new window so that you can refer back to these instructions.