File a Property Damage Report

pdreportlogoFile a Property Damage Report Online

Use the "Property Damage" type when...
property, other than a motor vehicle has been damaged and the value is not greater than $1,000.

For example...      Your mailbox was damaged
                             Someone painted graffitti on your garage

Don’t use Online reporting if …

  • Your home, business or other building (garage, shed, etc) has been illegally entered and property taken or if it appears that damaged was caused by a person trying to enter a building.
  • You are reporting graffitti that is threatening or is evidence of a hate crime.



When filing a lost property report...

Description field: Provide details about when you last saw the property undamaged and when you discovered the damage.
Property Field:  Describe the property that was damaged and give approximate value if known. If available attach a photograph to the online report.


The next page is the report form. The form will open in a new window so that you can refer back to these instructions.