File a Lost Property Report

pdreportlogoUse the "Lost Property" type when...
property with a value not exceeding $1,000 is missing and you’re pretty sure it was not stolen.

For example...
You discover your wallet is missing while at Gedney Park. You’ve retraced your steps but could not locate it.

You went to use your cellphone and realized it is missing. You've checked in your car and other places you may have left it but can not locate it.

Do not use E-Report if...

  • The estimated value of the lost property exceeds $1,000
  • The lost property is a firearm or prescription medication

When filing a lost property report...

  • Description Field: Provide details about the times you last saw the property and where you may have lost it.
  • Property Field: Describe the lost property and give approximate value if known. If you are reporting a cell phone missing include the missing phone number, make and carrier.


The next page will be the report form. The form will open in a new window so that you can refer back to these instructions.


Your Next Steps

  • Notify you credit card company and bank if any account information was lost.
  • Replace a lost drivers license or NY Photo I.D. at the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Cancel your cell phone account to prevent any unauthorized use.

Our Next Steps

  • Your report will be reviewed within 8 hours of being filed
  • Once your report is approved you will recieve an email with the official case number
  • You will be contacted if additional information is needed

Helpful Web Sites

Credit, ATM and Debit Cards: What to do if They're Lost or Stolen - Federal Trade Commission

Replace your lost license Online - New York DMV