File a Non-Emergency Police Report Online 

PolicE-Report is an easy and convenient way for New Castle residents to file a police report from home, work, or anywhere with internet access. You can use the system to file certain non-emergency reports for incidents that occurred in the Town of New Castle.

Information you will be asked for to complete the Online Report

  • The name,address, phone number and email address of the person making the report
  • The location in New Castle where the incident occurred
  • The date and time that the incident occurred
  • Details about the incident and any information you think we should know
  • Description and estimated value of any property that was lost, damaged or stolen

Once you file the Report

  • You will receive a tracking number. This is not the official report number. The official report number will be emailed to you when the report is approved.
  • You will be given the option to print your report
  • Within the next 8 hours your report will be reviewed by a supervisor
  • If necessary you will be contacted by the officer conducting the investigation

There are three steps to filing the report:

1. Qualification: Make sure that Online reporting is appropriate in this instance
2. Type of Report
: Online reports are available for certain non-emergency incidents. Choose from a list of complaints that can currently be filed Online.
3. File the Report
: Complete the form and send your report.


Online reports should never be used to report an emergency, a crime in progress, if someone is being hurt or threatened or any type of injury.
If you have an emergency call 911.