Town of New Castle Supervisor's Report 7/11/14

supervisorreportIn an effort to continue to improve communication with residents, we are proud to introduce the Supervisor's and Administrator's Report. These reports will highlight some of the actions of the Town Board over the past few weeks. I have also summarized the status of the Hunt's Place affordable housing project.

The Town Board heard from John Collins, Summit Greenfield's traffic consultant, for a second time.

Appointed Christopher Roberta to the Master Plan Steering Committee as the Commercial Work Group Chairman.

Awarded a Contract for Town of New Castle website redesign and implementation.

Set Public Hearing to permanently change the parking time from two (2) hour to three (3) hour in the downtown business district.

Passed a resolution allowing merchants within the parking district to obtain a maximum of ten (10) employee parking permits with proof of payroll.

Approved new town policies against harassment and discrimination as well as an equal employment opportunity policy and procedure

The Town Board unanimously decided to repeal the prior lease approval, reopen the application process for a train station lease award and reissue an RFP for leasing the Chappaqua Train Station in substantially the same form as the RFP that the Town published on March 19, 2014

Approved the appointment of a new Ethics Board. A new Ethics Code was previously adopted on April 8, 2014. The members of the Ethics Board are:

Evan Glassman
James Shanman
S. Kenneth Schonberg
Kyle-Beth Hilfer
David Browde

As far as the Hunt's Place affordable housing project, on July 2, 2014, the New York State Board of Review denied Conifer's variance application for its affordable housing project on Hunt's Place. Specifically, the Board of Review denied Conifer's request for six (6) separate variances from certain New York State fire and building code requirements. The Board of Review granted Conifer only one (1) variance involving the height clearance on Hunt's Place beneath the Saw Mill River Parkway bridge underpass.

The Board of Review explained that Conifer's desire to build from "lot-line to lot-line" on the project site is driving the need for so many variances. The Board concluded that Conifer had not met its burden of demonstrating that its project, as presently conceived, can satisfy the health and safety requirements of the applicable building and fire codes.

It's important to note that the Board of Review's decision has nothing to do with the need to build affordable housing, which remains a priority for the Town. The Town has approved the construction of 20 affordable housing units at Chappaqua Crossing. We should continue to encourage the development of affordable housing in our community.