What is Our Vision?


As we embark on updating our Town Development Plan (i.e. Master Plan), we should start by asking ourselves, “What is our vision?”

The overall purpose of the Master Plan is to provide a “roadmap” for development in the Town of New Castle over the next twenty years. New Castle is a wonderful community with a proud history. We have exemplary schools, caring neighbors, safe neighborhoods and a beautiful natural environment. We also have the very real challenge of improving our commercial tax base while preserving community values. Addressing this challenge will require some new thinking and actions.

Our goal is to ensure that the Town of New Castle is even better in ten, fifteen, twenty-five years than it is today.

We must ask ourselves where are we today? Where do we want to go as a community? Where do we want to be in twenty years?
There is a strong community spirit to be tapped. We have a strong community of shared ideas and opinions to engage. Together we will identify and reach our vision.

The Town Board has approved the contract with Pace Land Use Law Center. Tiffany Zezula, Managing Director of the Pace Land Use Law Center, will oversee and facilitate our public outreach for the Master plan process. This process will begin shortly.

Robert J. Greenstein


Town of New Castle

200 South Greeley Avenue

Chappaqua, NY 10514