New Code Red



The town now has an upgraded our CodeRED system. We are planning a test codeRED robo call on March 4, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.

Your account can now be customized for delivery and content. In other words, residents can sign up for Emergency Notifications and/or General Notifications (non-emergency). Residents can also chose how they want these two different types of notifications sent to them.

For example, some residents might only want Emergency Notifications. They may prefer Emergency Notifications be sent to their home and/or cell phones (via voice &/or text). These phone numbers will also be used for robo-calls.

Some residents might also want General Notifications (non-emergency). And they may prefer General Notifications be sent to their email address. Please note that we will soon be introducing our new e-newsletter. This e-newsletter will be delivered as a General Notification. Accordingly, if you want the e-newsletter, be sure to also sign up for General Notifications.

It should be noted that CodeRED if different than Nixle. Nixle is a police alert system used by police departments throughout the County. While Nixle can be used for community notifications, it is also used for National police notifications, such as a Megan alerts.

It should also be noted that CodeRED is different than the Chappaqua Central School District notification system. You may have provided your information to the school, but if you want 
CodeRED alerts, you must register for CodeRED. They are two separate systems.