Town of New Castle Documents


Response to comments: Potential Impacts/Mitigation

JULY 2013

AKRF Chappaqua Crossing Competitive Effects Analysis Final Report 7/25/2013

Town Response Pt.2

Applicant Response to Comments and Town Response Pt.1

JUNE 2013


MAY 2013

Planning Board Comments on the Chappaqua Crossing SDEIS

Planning Board Comments regarding the proposed amendments to the Town Development Plan

Planning Board Comments on the proposed zoning legislation related to Chappaqua Crossing

Chappaqua Crossing SDEIS Town Staff Comments with FPC Traffic Attachment


TOWN BOARD Resolution adopted by the Town Board at the May 17th, 2013  special meeting – It extends the time for the comment period on the Chappaqua Crossing DSEIS for 30 days after the Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan and Invasive Plant Management Plan (referred to as the “Appendix”)  is received by the Town and made available for public review in accordance with 6NYCRR 617.12. The comment period is extended for comments on the Appendix only.  


January 2013

The second memo from the Planning Board to the Town Board 12.21.2012

December 2012

Chappaqua Crossing Completeness Review 12.18.2012
  (Please note this is a large computer file.)

November 2012

Letters concerning the Chappaqua Crossing Project

Below are four letters that were introduced at the public hearing on November 27, 2012.